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Custom Architectural Hand-made Iron Entry Doors and Steel Glass Doors

Modern Architectural Design

Custom Design Available

Galvanised Iron and Steel

Weather Proof

Custom Made by Hand

Unique Design

Quality Finish

Durable Functionality

Iron Entry Doors, Steel Glass Doors & Windows

Custom Made to Order

Zen Doors are designed to be the most unique, custom made modern entry doors in the world.

Iron Entry Doors

We all know the importance of a first impression. Front entry doors deliver that initial greeting to your property, offering a bold statement. At Zen we understand the significance of a custom front door design to give the best impression. The secure feel of a solid custom door that is built to last cannot be replicated. From custom made wide iron hinge and pivot doors to steel doors with glass, make a statement with a gorgeous modern pivot or hinge door designed and created by our professional team.

Experience architectural front door designs with Zen. We offer high end options that focus on quality materials, manufacturing and hardware so you can achieve your custom door dreams. Fill out our Custom Quote form or Contact us for a free entry door estimate.

Steel Glass Doors & Windows

Imagine your new building or renovation project with the addition of a true masterpiece architectural steel frame glass door or window. This dramatic inclusion would command attention and awe. Providing security and style, they are built to last the test of time. If you’re renovating or building and want to add a real statement for an internal or external door, a Zen Steel Door and or Steel Window will really bring a feeling of luxury to your new space. With a range of finishes and numerous door and window types the opportunities are endless.

Steel Door, Window Design and Glass options are completely flexible, if you have seen something you like please send it to us and we can price it. We also have a large range of standard Zen designs to choose from. Fill out our Custom Quote form or Contact us for a free entry door estimate.

ZEN Doors

Zen Doors was founded with the vision of providing the most exciting, unique and memorable architectural iron entry doors and steel glass doors in the world.

Our vision is centred on producing high end luxury entrance and internal doors at competitive prices, a concept that is not easily found in the custom entry door marketplace.

With our roots in high-end building, design and property development we saw a real need for delivering unique design driven hinge and pivot doors to the building industry. With custom entry doors being a pivotal decision when developing or building a new property, we realised there is a real appetite for quality custom made hinge and pivot entry doors that make a statement.

Our aim is to focus on quality and efficient manufacturing processes and utilising our networks to source the best materials to create each Zen Entry Door. With an appreciation for good design and versatility, Zen Doors aims to provide a high-end competitive offering to the marketplace, which meets all expectations of the discerning consumer. We believe everyone should be able to experience a large custom hinge or pivot door and we want to bring our beautiful creations to the world.

Don’t limit yourself to ordinary entrances, allow us to help you visualise a front door that will forever inspire you. Through combining modern trends in design and architecture with our own creativity, Zen Doors provides you with sophisticated entry doors with quality construction and ultimate functionality.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and are here to help with any questions you may have about our custom entry doors. Fill out our Custom Quote form or Contact us for a free entry door estimate.