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Zen Architectural Products are for discerning home owners, architects, interior designers, builders and property developers that appreciate true luxury. Zen provide incredibly designed, custom-made architectural products, hand crafted from the best materials. Each product is meticulously hand made with the end result being a true work of art.

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Zen Architectural Products

Zen was founded with the vision of providing the most exciting, unique and memorable architectural products in the world. Our vision is centred on producing high end architectural products with a focus on quality and efficient manufacturing processes, utilising our networks to source the best materials to create each Zen statement piece.

With our roots in design, building and property development, we saw a real need for delivering unique design driven products to the luxury consumer. With one-off statement pieces being pivotal decisions when developing or building a new high-end property, we realised there is a real appetite for quality custom made products that make a statement.

With an appreciation for good design and versatility, Zen aims to provide a high-end competitive offering to the luxury marketplace, which meets all expectations of the discerning consumer. Our product designs are unique and we believe everyone should be able to experience a touch of Zen.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and are here to help with any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us with your project requirements today.

Zen Doors

Zen Doors are high quality front entry iron doors and steel doors and windows that cannot be forgotten. Custom front doors that are hand crafted from sheets of iron, we don’t create entry doors that you may have seen before. When you buy a Zen Iron Entry Door, you know your property will have a point of difference.

Our specialty is modern custom designed iron entry doors that truly make a statement. Your front door speaks volumes and sets the tone for the rest of your property. A commanding solid iron entry door will leave a lasting impression and will keep your home secure for years to come.

Whether it’s a modern iron pivot door or hinge door, or a steel glass door or steel window, we can fabricate a door or window to suit your specifications.

We have a large range of steel doors and steel windows including, steel hinge doors, steel french doors, steel sliding doors, steel bifold doors, steel barn sliding doors, steel awning windows or steel casement windows. All of our steel doors and windows can be either be single, double or even triple glazed and are fully hot dip galvanised and weather proof. Send us your plans, measurements or design ideas and we can supply a custom quote.

Zen iron entry doors and steel glass doors can be made in a range of sizes and colour finishes with custom made entrance handles to suit your requirements. Fill out our Custom Quote form for a fast free quote.

Zen Fireplaces

Zen Suspended Fireplaces are meticulously hand made by skilled metal craftsman and designed, tested and accredited in Australia to meet AS/NZS Standards for solid fuel burning appliances, we seamlessly manufacture our suspended fireplaces with precision, by moulding 5mm and 4mm thick sheets of cold rolled steel to form our unique hanging fireplace designs.

Zen Suspended Fireplaces are distinctive statement pieces for any decor. Our non-intrusive designs, focused on minimalist principles is what makes a Zen Suspended Fireplace such a prized piece. Commanding attention, our suspended fireplace designs organically blend in. Our hanging fireplaces with natural, organic curves, deep matt finishes effortlessly flow within any living space.

Zen Suspended Fireplaces are designed to capture attention and truly become the most captivating feature in any space. Hanging down from the ceiling, the pendant-style suspended fireplace adds a dramatic focal point to any area. Combining a beautiful aesthetic with efficient and natural warmth, Zen Suspended Fireplaces provide approximately 8kw for our wood burning models and 2.5kw for our bioethanol models. Zen Suspended Fireplaces are the ultimate luxury piece for your home. Fill out our Custom Quote form for a fast free quote.

Zen Baths

Zen Baths are incredibly designed, custom-made bathtubs hand carved from solid blocks of stunning, natural marble. Each hand carved stone bathtub is meticulously built by hand from natural stone, the end result is a true work of art. Just visualise yourself soaking in the warm bubbly water, glass of wine in hand and the luxurious feel of warm honed marble on your skin. If that doesn’t entice the senses, we don’t know what will. If you’re looking for a marble bathtub that will take your project and relaxation to the next level you have come to the right place.

Indulge yourself in workmanship at its very best. Zen natural stone bath tubs are without doubt, perfect examples of premium quality craftsmanship, created especially for you to give you a fabulous, head-turning finish to your dream bathroom. Every single Zen natural stone bathtub is unique, such is the nature of marble stone and it is entirely up to you to choose the shape, design and even those exquisite finishing touches that make your bathtub like no other seen before! That is what makes your bathroom stand out from any other – giving you a palatial room where you can relax, unwind and enjoy moments of solitude.

The Zen team specialise in state-of-the-art custom designed bathtubs that are show-stopping and designed to stand the test of time. Whether it’s to blend in with your current décor, to create a focal point in your favourite room or because you understand the difference between bespoke extravagance and standard fittings – your Zen bathtub will give you years of pleasure, as a functional piece as well as a work of art. Fill out our Custom Quote form for a fast free quote.